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Maxwell Estis | MadiaC MaX 


Music has played a key role in his life from the age of seven when his parents put him in classical piano lessons. His father helped to foster Maxwell's love for improvisation not only in music, but also in freehand graffiti, and freestyle rapping alike. While at North Atlanta High School Maxwell played in the school’s big band and arranged/lead the jazz combo; while also performing professionally around Atlanta. Because of his mixed musical background his piano, rap, and producing style takes influence from many different genres. Influences of his style range from armenian jazz pianist Tigran Hamasyan, critically acclaimed producer Quincy Jones, or Outkast's Andre 3000 or Kendrick Lamar.

His mission in music is to help evolve the sound of popular music of tomorrow. He enjoys using fresh harmonic, rhythmic, and melodic approaches, including the use of ethnic scales (e.g., Egyptian, Hungarian, Japanese, etc.). He believes there is much to be gained through mixing and matching musical styles from around the world to produce unique musical ideas.

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