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Lost & Profound

How Did It Come Together?

 A musical showcase arranged, composed, and produced by Maxwell Estis. He shared the stage with a total of 37 other performers, & 3 live sound engineers. With the help of a mix engineer, photographer, 2 videographers, and his family supporting him, he was able to successfully put on an incredibly diverse show at Berklee College of Music to a crowd of 200+. 


The preparation for this momentous event began a little more than a year in advance. The arrangements, personnel selection, and writing of original material took many months to get solidified. Even after making decisions on co-arrangers, the setlist, and desired instrumentalist/ lead vocalists many things had to be rearranged or completely changed. However, he over came the many obstacles in the process leading up to November 8th; and finally Maxwell debuted his artistry to the world that night. 

Lost & Profound Caf Show

Lost & Profound Caf Show

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